It broke, Adenomyosis, and surgery?

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After suffering for the last 3 years, with things gradually getting worse, I may finally have an answer.  The new specialist I’m seeing (who is fantastic btw), thinks strongly that what I’m dealing with is Adenomyosis, which is in the Endo family.  In a nutshell, the endo tissue builds up within the walls of my uterus, instead of attaching the scar tissue pretty much everywhere else outside of my uterus.   Continue reading


Speakers, Spiders, and a Massage

Speakers, Spiders, & a Massage Blog Image

It’s been a few weeks and I’ve learned and experienced more than I can probably share on one blog post.  Here are the highlights.

1. Loud music at a concert can cause a pain flare.
I found this out personally at a blues concert that we attended two weeks ago.  We were enjoying the rock and blues magic of Laith Al-Saadi in his stomping grounds of Ann Arbor.  I was in heaven as my soul soared to the sounds of a shredding blues guitar, bass lines, keyboard, and drums. My husband was not quite on the same level as me due to being fairly squished in his seat and having a 6’8″ not-so-friendly giant sitting behind him.  The best part of the evening was beholding pure joy, excitement, and happiness from Laith’s family and friends that were there to support him. It was one of his first concerts back in A2, after his run on the tv show”The Voice” and it was amazing to witness. Continue reading

Rejection of my current reality

Current Reality

Painkillers, Benadryl, a heating pad, and my bed.  These have become my reality more often than not.  My first thoughts when I woke up in the morning used to be, “What do I need to do today?”.  Now it’s, “will I be able to move today?”  This is the reality of aggressive Endometriosis.

My purpose over the last 3 years has been to help adult survivors of child abuse.  I share everything I know to help my fellow survivors rise and thrive like I have been able to from my own past abuse.  However, one could argue that if this is my current daily reality – am I really thriving? Continue reading