It broke, Adenomyosis, and surgery?

Song: Torn by David Armand & Natalie Imbruglia
Mood: Ouch.

After suffering for the last 3 years, with things gradually getting worse, I may finally have an answer.  The new specialist I’m seeing (who is fantastic btw), thinks strongly that what I’m dealing with is Adenomyosis, which is in the Endo family.  In a nutshell, the endo tissue builds up within the walls of my uterus, instead of attaching the scar tissue pretty much everywhere else outside of my uterus.   Continue reading


A ‘No-Spoons’ Kind of Day


Today has been a particularly rough day.  I awoke after a full night’s rest, feeling like I was already on an empty tank. Drained, sluggish, almost as if I’m drugged, while also dealing with the brain fog that makes it impossible to think clearly.  Ah yes, and very little appetite. The only positive is that I’m graced with little to no pain. I think that’s most likely because I’d throw a worse tantrum than a small child having to leave the playground when they aren’t ready.  It would get ugly, so very ugly. Continue reading