Full Moons, Journey, and Fires

Full Moons, Journies, and Fire


Last Night’s Ponderings

While having another dance with insomnia, I’m taking in the beautiful full moon. It brings forth feelings of warmth and positive changes, as I gaze upon it with tired eyes and body. Yet, I am at peace, my heart as full as the orb is of light. It’s often said that in order to fully appreciate life, we must know the side of suffering as well. Otherwise, how could we truly be thankful for the moments of beauty? Continue reading


I say NO MORE.

No MORE blog image

This is a bit different and not related to my journey of overcoming Endo. It’s directly related to the pain in my heart and mind from the news about more lives lost due to a shooting. This pain is just as intense, and I’m using my blog for all forms.

For the longest time, the term white privilege was hard for me to comprehend. I’ve always thought that because I’m not racist and I value all life, and since I’m raising my children the same way, that I was good. Day after day, I read that more men, women, and children who were born with color in their skin have lost their lives. I see so much violence, anger, hatred, and division in all of the commentary in social media.  Also, in less than 24 hours, I see that even more violence occurred and police officers have lost their lives. My heart hurts. Continue reading